Seven Sesame Street Songs to Sing Along to all Summer!

1. Fun in the Sun

Sing, dance, and cheer along with Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, and Elmo because summer is here!

2. Riding in the Park

It’s a beautiful day on Sesame Street, and Elmo and his daddy make the most of the warm weather by going to the park to practice riding Elmo’s tricycle.

3. Cookie Shark

You’ll be swimming and singing along to this catchy Cookie tune in no time! Doo-Doo-Doo-Doo!

4. Soak Up the Sun

Put on your sunscreen and soak up the sun with Sheryl Crow, Elmo, and friends in this sweet tune.

5. Water Water

When it’s getting hot, there’s nothing like water to hit the spot! Sing along with Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Abby Cadabby as they sing about the joys of H2O.

6. Let’s Go Surfin’

Surf’s up! Join Grover and Elmo for a beach adventure from the comfort of Sesame Street!

7. Sunny Days

Sunny days, sweepin’ the clouds away! No summer song list would be complete without the iconic Sesame Street theme. Go on, we know you know the words!

Elmo with sunscreen and a summer outfit
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