10 Oscar Clips That Will Make You Happy Grouchy!

Oscar the Grouch has been gracing Sesame Street with his presence since 1969, and June 1st marks his birthday.

In honor of everyone’s favorite trash-lover, here are 10 Oscar clips that are guaranteed to make you happy…we mean grouchy!

10. Nasty Dan

It’s hard to impress Oscar, but Johnny Cash did just that when he stopped by Sesame Street in 1973 to sing all about his friend Nasty Dan.

9. Just the Way You Are

Self-proclaimed “Grouch Groupies” Billy Joel and Marlee Matlin stopped by Sesame Street to serenade everyone’s favorite trashcan-dweller in this cute clip from 1977.

8. Oscar’s Mother Comes for a Visit

Did you know that Oscar has a mother? Watch as she visits Sesame Street and meets Oscar’s nice neighbor, Gordon.

7. Scramalot!

What’s better than live theater? Grouch theater! Introducing the play so rotten it won 10 Groany Awards: it’s Scramalot!

6. Pigeons and Cookies and Trash

Pigeons and cookies and trash…oh my! Watch as Bert, Cookie Monster, and Oscar the Grouch sing about the things they love most in this world.

5. Sort it All

Nobody knows the power of reducing, reusing, and recycling quite like Oscar the Grouch. Watch and sing along to this catchy T-Swift parody as you sort it all!

4. Kermit’s New Bus Stop

There’s a new bus stop in town, and it’s right in the middle of Kermit’s living room. See how Oscar and Kermit work through the dilemma in this hilarious clip from 1989.

3. Grouch Thrift Shop

Oscar the Grouch and Macklemore know that one Grouch’s trash is another Grouch’s treasure. Watch as they scour the Grouch Thrift Shop for the yuckiest, muckiest, grimiest trash they can find!

2. Doin’ the Grouch

Nobody does The Pigeon quite like Bert, and nobody does The Grouch quite like Oscar. Dance along with Oscar, Gene Smelly, and the Grouchketeers in this classic clip from 1993.

1. I Love Trash

There’s a reason this song is a Sesame Street classic. Oscar has sung it several times throughout the years, including once back in 1970 when he was orange and once with the multitalented Jack Antonoff. Check out his solo from 1991 here!

Now Scram!