We’re Special and So Are You

Muppets celebrate the qualities that make them special.

Together, watch the video and notice what each Muppet says about their special qualities. Ask children, “What makes you special?”

Children coping with parental addiction can benefit from celebrating themselves and building their self-esteem. You can remind them that:

  • We are all always learning and growing.
  • We all have important people in our lives who we care about and who care about us.
  • There are places you belong, and don’t have to feel alone.
  • You can be proud that you have some ways to manage big feelings and tough times.
  • You can stop and notice all the good things you feel, see, and hear every day.
  • It can feel great to remember the good things in your life and to have hope that things will get better, instead of only thinking about what’s wrong.