Session 6: A New Normal

Help families celebrate the team that they are!

Caregiving families are creative! Limited abilities often mean families need to tap into their flexibility—adapting old routines to fit new needs, and taking on or sharing new responsibilities.

As a provider, you can empower families to embrace a team mind set and face challenges with a positive attitude. 

This workshop: 

  • Provides a glimpse into one family’s caregiving journey. 
  • Promotes flexibility and cooperation. 
  • Invites families to use creative thinking and imaginative skills. 
  • Helps families celebrate the team that they are!

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NOTE: As with other workshops in this series, most activities can benefit both kids and adults, one-on-one or in groups. Depending on who you’re working with, change or leave out activities as you see fit. You know your kids and families best! 

1. Routine Remix

Routine Remix

Routines can help days go smoother, build kids’ independence, and provide a sense of comfort and control. But illnesses or injuries can lead to big changes in family routines. Flexible thinking and cooperation can help families change up their old routines to fit new needs. 

Let caregivers know: 

  • Families can use their creativity to rethink routines. 
  • Reimagining the role of the injured family member means they can still participate and be as fully present a parent as ever. 
  • Flexible thinking is an important skill for kids (and grown-ups) to develop. 

Together with your participants, watch the Parenting After an Injury video. 

Ask caregivers what they noticed in the video. How did the family work as a team? How did they help one another? What things did the family do differently from the way they used to? 

Remind families that there are many ways to accomplish tasks. When families communicate, stay flexible, and work together, they can get so much done! Invite families to work together through this playful activity: 

You’ll need:
Construction paper
Index cards
Paper towel tubes
Ping-Pong balls

  • Give each family a packet of craft materials: 4 pieces of construction paper, 2 index cards, 1 paper towel tube, 2 pieces of string, and glue. 
  • Families should work together to build a bridge that is sturdy enough to roll a ping-pong ball across. 
  • They have 15 minutes to complete the task. 
  • When time is up, admire all the unique bridges, and talk about how families worked together to accomplish their goal. 

Finally, invite families to look at the Moving & Grooving printable. What do they notice? Together, recall the activities Rosita’s family does together (making music, stretching, going for a walk, playing catch). How would you do these same activities with your family? What routines do you do differently now? 

2. Teamwork = Dreamwork

Teamwork = Dreamwork

Big changes mean big opportunities, too. Every member of the family has something to give, including kids! Just like the father in the video says, when we ask someone for help, we invite them onto our team. Brainstorm ways each family member can step up. 

Have families discuss what teamwork means. You might offer these prompts: 

  • A good day looks like… 
  • To run smoothly, lots of things need to happen, like… 
  • I like to help with… 
  • How can I help my family today? 

Encourage families to discuss specific routines. Brainstorm ways to divide roles and help each other out. 

Then, share the Teamwork printable. Invite families to create a team name and playful chant that they can say when they need to rally! Give families time to practice their chant and perform it for the larger group! 

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