Sesame Strong, Session 8: Growing & Knowing

Review strategies and share more resources.

Welcome to Session 8. This week we’re bringing it full circle and once again focusing on everyday moments.

Review strategies with parents and share even more resources they can use to continue creating strong, positive connections with their children. This mini-session will help you remind caregivers that small moments spent together can make a big difference in their kids’ lives.

Download this week’s overview and the caregiver take-home packet.

Remember: As with all Sesame Strong bundles, you can share the messages, strategies, and resources with caregivers in many ways (not just in a workshop setting). Keep it simple, and do what works for you!

1. Gather & Share

Gather and Share

  • Consider beginning your parent mini-workshop with a mindfulness moment.
  • Check in. How did the Sesame Strong activities go last session? What was your favorite resource? Any challenges? Questions?
  • Introduce this session’s Big Idea (the “why”): Remember, you can make little moments count.
  • Then, share this session’s Strategy Spotlight (the “how”): Engage together.

Remind parents how important they are! Research shows that the presence of a caring adult in a child’s life helps them thrive at home and in school. All the little moments they spend together with their child—reading a book, sharing a hug, or talking over a meal—build trust and confidence that last a lifetime.

2. Me Time

Me Time

Tell parents: Each of your loving actions has a positive impact on your child’s development. From holding and soothing them to taking them with you to be a helper on errands, it’s the little moments that count!

Distribute the The Most Important Factor article, and ask parents to underline tips or points they’d like to remember.

Then discuss together, asking parents, What surprised you? How do you spend time with your child? How will you continue to connect more intentionally during everyday moments?

3. Explore Together

Explore Together

Ask parents to watch this video with their children talk about how much Elmo’s Daddy matters to him. Then parents and kids can talk about how they’ve spent time together being Sesame Strong. What have they enjoyed the most?

Children build strong relationships when they appreciate themselves and others. Encourage caregivers to watch Building Self-Esteem with their children and take turns sharing things they like about themselves. Parents can ask children, “What are you proud of?”

4. Read Together

Read Together

Remind parents that showing kindness can be as simple as giving a big hug! Hugs show someone you love them and they are safe and cared for. Invite families to read the Hugs All Around story together. Children can act out the story as parents read—including the different kinds of hugs!

Suggest to parents that after reading the story together, they can help kids relate the story to their own lives. Parents might ask, “Who do you know that gives good hugs?”

5. Play Together

Play Together

Gratitude builds appreciation for all the things to celebrate in life. Distribute the Thankful Hearts activity to caregivers. Invite them to share it with their children at home and work together to write or draw on the hearts. Parents can share what they’re thankful for and ask children, “What are you thankful for?”

6. Friendly Reminders & Notes for Next Time

Friendly Reminders & Notes for Next Time


  • Questions are always welcome. Share with parents the best way to contact you with questions.
  • Thank parents for their partnership and participation.
  • Congratulate parents on all their dedication and progress!


  • What went well?
  • How have I grown in this process?
  • How have parents grown?
  • How have children grown?
  • How can I celebrate?