The Most Important Factor

Learn why you matter most in your child’s growth and development.

You matter most in your child’s growth and development. No matter what comes their way, research shows that kids are more likely to thrive with a caring and committed adult in their lives. Think of all you do for your little one. Take a minute to celebrate all that you do. It’s the little moments that count!

Each loving action has a positive impact on your child’s development:

  • When you hold your little one, soothe her, and simply spend time together, you show her that she will always be cared for. This builds her security and helps grow her confidence to learn and try new things.
  • When you talk with your child, ask him questions, and read books to him, you build his language skills, teach him new words and help him learn to understand spoken and printed language.
  • When you take your child with you as you run errands, and make her your helper around the house, you teach her how the world works and spark her curiosity.
  • When you play together and spend time outside, you build your child’s creativity and his thinking skills.