Science and the Senses

Investigate indoors and outdoors using all of your senses.

The best way for kids to learn about the natural world is to explore and investigate… with all of their senses! Try these fun activities to explore science in everyday life:


Inside: Look out a window together. Describe one thing that you see. Can kids name the thing you’re describing? Now it’s their turn!  

Outside: Stand over a tiny patch of soil and look closely. Ask kids, “Do you see anything moving? What animals or insects might live in the soil?”  


Inside: At bedtime, take deep breaths together and listen to the sound they make. Talk about how lungs fill up with air.

Outside: Go on a “listening walk.” What types of sounds do you hear? Imitate as many as you can.  


Inside: Put a mystery item in a bag. Invite kids to reach into the bag, close their eyes, and feel it. What do they think it is? Talk about the texture, shape, and size of the item. 

Outside: Together, run your fingers over tree bark. What do you notice? Now hunt for something that feels softer than the bark and something that feels rougher 


Inside: The kitchen is full of smells. Can you find something that smells stinky and something that smells sweet? 

Outside: Smell plants, flowers, snow, soil, or grass, and talk about what you notice. 


Inside: At snack time, do a food investigation. Invite kids to close their eyes as you give them something to taste, such as a cracker or  cucumber. Ask, “What do you think it is? How does it taste? Is it salty or sweet? Crunchy or smooth?”  

Outside: Stick out your tongue on a windy day. Can you “taste” the wind? What does it taste like? Does it taste different on a cool day versus a warm day?