Saying “No”

Help children manage emotions, make good choices, and stay safe.

Managing behavior means reminding children that there are rules they need to follow so they can have fun and stay safe. Every family has different ways of saying “no” or managing their child’s behavior. As a caregiver, it’s important to be on the same page with parents on ways they’d like you to continue their approach while their child is with you. Here are some topics and questions you might bring up:

  • Connect with parents about ways they guide the child’s behavior at home. Ask, “How do you communicate ‘no’ so that your child understands?”
  • Ask about any rules children follow at home such as washing hands before meals or putting toys away after playing with them. Check to see if there are any rules the child has a particularly difficult time following, and discuss ways parents might suggest helping the child learn to follow the rule.
  • Talk with parents about ways they reward the child for good behavior, and how you might do so in care.