Playing Outside

A story about remembering new rules, such as the rules for going outdoors safely.

Print this page and share the story with children, then invite them to color the pictures. (You can also simply share it on screen).

Julia’s visual aid shows pictures to help her remember important steps in her routine. Point out the “Outside Rules” that Julia looked at. Explain that the rules help everyone stay safe. One strategy Julia’s dad used was spreading a blanket down and reminding Julia to stay on the blanket. He also blew bubbles to help Julia stay calm. You can also try:

  • Using sidewalk chalk, masking tape, or yarn to mark off the space within which children need to stay. You might also use an empty kiddie pool or very large boxes.
  • Limiting the amount of time within one space, and create another space to move into.
  • Activities such as copying each others’ actions (clapping, jumping, raising hands, throwing and catching a large, soft ball, and so on) from a distance.