Try these activities during transitions throughout the day.

Lining Up

  • Before calling kids to line up, ask them to listen to your directions. Invite each child to move like a different animal as they make their way to the line.
  • When lining up for a calm activity like story time or music, choose slower animals, like turtles. For more upbeat activities like outdoor play, choose faster, more energetic animals such as cheetahs and kangaroos.

Before Snack

  • Reach for apples: Bend your knees to jump high in the air and reach for apples in the tree. Pick as many as you can, as fast as you can!
  • Go strawberry picking: Bend your knees and squat down low to pick some strawberries from the patch. Then reach up high and throw them into the basket.

Clean-Up Time

  • When it’s time to clean up, say, “Vroom! Vroom! It’s time to turn on your vacuum cleaners!” Tell kids that their arms are hoses that suck up toys and supplies, and their legs are wheels that move around to put things back in their places.