Me and We Time

Making “together time” a part of your daily routine can help your family strike a balance between “me” and “we” time.

When we’re spending so much time together, it can be difficult to find a balance between work and play, and “me” and “we” time. Young children especially may not understand why you cannot play with them right now. Grown-ups can explain to children that sometimes family members—not just grown-ups—need quiet time to themselves in order to focus on their work or a special activity. And that we can help each other by being quiet and patient. Being intentional about quality time can help too. The resources below offer more ideas for your family to try.

Me and We Time 

In this video, Abby’s mom explains that she needs some quiet time in order to focus on her important project. When Abby feels disappointed, they come up with a creative solution: each day, after their work is done, they’ll make a craft together.

  • Before watching: Invite your family to share any special projects or important tasks they’re working on. Ask, “What helps you stay focused on your task? How can other family members help?”
  • While you watch: Notice how Abby’s mom stays focused, and how their creative plan helps Abby wait patiently for her mom to finish working.
  • After watching: Together with your child, make a list of things you enjoy doing together. Then schedule time to do a “together” activity each day.