Louie Goes Back to Work

Elmo and his dad Louie talk about changes to their daily routine.

You might share this video to help you talk with your child about going back to work or being apart.

  1. Before Viewing: Explain that you’ll watch Elmo and his dad as they talk about some changes to their daily routine. Elmo’s dad is going to have to start leaving the house to go back to work, and Elmo is feeling anxious.
  2. During Viewing: Watch once all the way through, then watch again, pausing to talk together about what you’re seeing. You might talk about jobs and how everyone has one—even kids! A child’s job is to grow, explore, be with friends, and learn. Time apart from you is their time to do some great work!
  3. After Viewing: Plan new, special ways to say “goodbye” and “welcome home,” and practice asking, “What did you do today?” Being apart for even just a little while can give you new things to talk about together. Can you think of a creative way to stay connected during the day? (Try Louie’s idea of a shared drawing, for instance.)