Lending a Hand

Chris, Elmo, and Karli discuss the benefits of asking for, getting, and giving help.

Hands are for helping and holding! We can hold hands to remind ourselves that we’re not alone. Holding hands is a great way to say, “I’m here with you.” Holding hands is also little bit like giving a hug.

1. Together, watch the video, notice how Karli, Elmo, and Chris hold hands, then ask children:

  • How was Chris helping Karli’s mom? (by taking care of Karli while her mom was away)
  • What does Karli say about where her mom is and why? (she’s at a support group meeting with other grown-ups who are having a hard time because of a disease called addiction; it helps to talk about their problem together)
  • Karli goes to the same kind of group just for children whose parents have the same problem. What do you think they might do during their meetings? (talk about their feelings, play games and sing songs, draw their feelings, hold hands, remember they’re not alone)
  • How did you see Chris and Elmo being good friends to Karli?

2. Then talk about ways the video relates to children’s own lives. Ask:

  • Which friends or family members are safe people you can go to when you need help, or when you need a friend
  • Do you ever tell others about your big feelings?

3. Finally, have some fun with your hands by patting each other on the back, doing a high-five, or playing pattycake.