Karli’s Coloring Quilt

“The 7 Cs” are seven important ideas for children living with a family member’s addiction to remember.

Knowing the “7 Cs” can help children address their own needs, whether their parents are in treatment or not:

  • I didn’t Cause the problem.
  • I cannot Control it.
  • I cannot Cure it.


  • I can help take Care of myself by
  • Communicating my feelings,
  • Making healthy Choices, and
  • Celebrating myself.
  1. Show children how to tap the screen to create a colorful quilt square and listen to the explanations. Point out that the first three Cs are about what children can’t do, but the last four Cs are about what they can do!
  2. Talk about each C as children complete each screen. Once they’ve finished all seven, admire their “quilt” together.
  3. Encourage children to play again and again so that they understand and remember each of the seven ideas and begin to connect them to their own situations. Children’s responses and understanding will vary depending on their age, but even a preschooler can practice communicating their feelings by saying, “I feel ____,” or celebrate themselves by saying, “I’m special because____.”

The 7 Cs were developed by Jerry Moe, a member of the board of advisers of the National Association for Children of Addiction (NACOA). Jerry currently serves as the National Director of the Hazelden Betty Ford Children’s Program. The 7 Cs are from Jerry’s book Discovery: Finding the Buried Treasure.