Happy to be Me

Even in challenging times, there are things to celebrate—including yourself and your family.

In times of transition and change, it’s okay to feel uneasy or unsure. Reminding children that they are important and pointing out all the things that make them special can help boost their confidence. This positive self-assurance can be a source of comfort in times of uncertainty. And appreciating themselves and others helps children build strong relationships. 

In this video, Big Bird shares some things that make him feel special and happy. After watching the video, ask children to share something special about themselves. What are they proud of? What are they good at? What makes them unique? 

Self-appreciation is an important skill for adults to practice, too. Each day, try to tell yourself one good thing about you or something you did during the day (even if you had to learn it the hard way!): “I got a little lost today, but now I know which bus to take next time.” “I remained calm when trying to solve a problem.” “I am a brave parent. I listened to and comforted my child.” 

Remember:  As you explore the resources below, remember that your safety, security, and comfort are your priorities. It’s okay to focus on just making sure you and your children feel safe and calm. In those moments, a deep breath or a quiet moment may be all you need (or, sometimes, all you can do). If you still feel stressed, it’s okay to take your time and come back when you’re ready.