Before sharing this video with children, explain the brain: “Our brains are inside our heads. Our brains let us learn, listen, talk, imagine, read, play, move, and so much more. Our brains help us feel, name, and talk about our feelings. Our brains can help us calm our bodies down.”  

Then tell children that when we eat healthy food, we’re taking care of our brains.   

Watch the video with children. From time to time, you can help further explain or emphasize the ideas in the video by saying things like:   

  • Our bodies and brains need healthy food to work. Healthy food gives us energy.   
  • Eating a healthy breakfast is a good way to get ready for a day of play and learning.    
  • Your brain is growing fast, just like the rest of your body.   
  • Your body needs healthy food to help you grow bigger and stronger, and so does your brain.   
  • “Anytime foods” like fruits or vegetables are good for your body and brain. We can eat them anytime. “Sometimes foods” (like cake and cookies) are foods we eat sometimes, like during special events or celebrations. Choosing healthy “anytime” foods is an important way of taking care of our brains, our feelings, and our whole bodies.  

Later, on your own, consider these healthy eating tips:  

  • Invite children to help plan, shop for, and prepare meals.   
  • Make everyday eating rituals pleasant and positive. As much as possible, sit down together without screens, play relaxing music, and talk about anything from silly stories, to what happened today, to the experience of the food you’re enjoying.   
  • When appropriate, talk about where your food comes from, and encourage mindful awareness of how different foods make one’s body feel (for instance, sugar may make us feel tired after some time).   
  • Make mealtime fun for everyone! For instance, you might try a family “salad bar” in which you all create your own salads.   
  • Offer choices, keeping in mind that ultimately, children choose what they eat. Place one thing on the plate that you’re confident your child will eat, then introduce new healthy foods over time.