Building Confidence with Elmo and Louie

Self-confidence is the steppingstone to mastering new things; by believing in themselves, children will find it easier to believe in their ability to succeed.

Learning a new skill can be frustrating! In this video, Elmo is having a hard time drawing a hexagon–until his dad steps in to help build his confidence.

Before watching: Explain it takes time to learn new things. Remind your child about all the new things he or she has learned recently. Wow! Ask: Did you get it perfectly the very first time?

While you watch: Point out Elmo’s different feelings as he attempts to draw the hexagon. First he is frustrated, then he shows persistence, and finally he can be proud of his new accomplishment.

After watching: Talk about the things your child is learning right now. Break it down into smaller pieces–for example, tying shoelaces can be broken down into several small steps. It’s important to remember: It’s not just yes, I can do it or no, I can’t. When you talk about progress, it can be expressed in positive language, such as “not yet” or “soon, I bet.”