A Guide for Families Affected by Crisis and Displacement

Your caring presence, paired with playful learning activities, can help families gain important skills to help them as they settle in to their new or for-now home. This guide includes information and activities to help you offer comfort and facilitate learning in the families you work with.

Using This Guide 

The resources and activities in this guide are designed to build on families’ resilience by teaching ways to navigate transitions while maintaining a hopeful perspective. The key messages acknowledge the many big feelings that come with significant changes, while reminding families that they have strength, fortitude, and courage. 

As you explore Welcome Sesame resources on, you’ll see many of the activities in this guide (including articles for parents and videos for families) available in other languages such as Dari, Pashto, Ukrainian, and Spanish. Although this English translation may have slight differences from those resources, it can be a helpful tool to help you decide which activities to share with families, plus give you a better sense of what families are reading, watching, and learning on their own. 

We suggest keeping a printed and/or digital copy of this guide with you as you introduce and walk through Sesame resources with families. 

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