New Resources for Families Affected by Crisis  

Families experiencing conflict or crisis face big changes and challenges. Our new resources deliver immediate comfort, early learning, and nurturing care to young children and their caregivers — in 7 languages.   

More than 400 million children live in areas currently affected by violent conflict, and 35 million have been forcibly displaced. Climate disasters and natural emergencies, too, are upending landscapes and communities and quickly becoming the leading driver of migration. Against this global background, too many children have lost homes and loved ones and endured experiences that can create devastating long-term effects on their learning and well-being.

However, children are remarkably resilient, and with access to quality early childhood development (ECD) support, they can overcome adversity to bridge the learning gaps in these crucial years and build a brighter future.

Sesame Workshop has launched a new set of resources for our International Crisis & Conflict work to help provide that ECD support that can set young children on a path to thrive.

After any crisis, our international partners can print these resources or distribute them to families digitally. The printable activity sheets, storybooks, and a video playlist and articles for parents and facilitators working with children are now available in English, Arabic, Dari, Hebrew, Pashto, Spanish, and Ukrainian.

We are offering these free-for-use resources as part of Sesame Workshop’s mission to help children everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder and a moral imperative to deliver joy, comfort, and moments of play and normalcy to children after traumatic events. If you are interested in a deeper paid partnership, you will gain access to additional resources such as teaching materials, lesson plans, additional videos, research tools, and technical support, or newly created media-supported direct service programming. Please reach out to

Elmo, Mae and Louie
Crisis and Conflict
Families experiencing conflict or crisis face big changes and challenges. These resources offer comfort and support.