Self-care isn’t selfish. If you are going to care for others, you first have to care for yourself. The healthier you are, the more energy, patience, and support you can direct toward others. Sometimes, little moments of self-care can have a big impact. 

Watch this video about how to recognize what went well in your day to learn more. 

After Watching:  

Focusing on what went well in your day can help you feel happy, relaxed, and centered. It can be especially important on hard days. You don’t have to pretend things aren’t difficult, but it’s helpful to remember that even the worst days might have a few bright spots.  

To practice this self-care routine, you might:

  • Find a quiet spot to sit by yourself for a few minutes. 
  • Take a few deep breaths to make sure you are calm and relaxed. 
  • Think about small positive moments. In the video, it was a good cup of coffee, successful therapy, and setting up a game with a child. 
  • Try it on the go; remind yourself of a few positive moments while in the car, on the subway, or even walking from one room to another. 

You might also tell someone else what went well, especially if it has to do with that person. You might say, “That conversation we had earlier today was really nice.” Saying it out loud can help our minds and hearts better understand what went well.