Parenting is hard work! Parenting in the time of Covid can be especially challenging—full of ups and downs. There are days when everything just ‘clicks,’ and you feel like a rockstar parent. And there are days when nothing goes as planned and tensions run high. The resources in this bundle will help you remember that even on hard days, you are strong and capable. There are things you can do to connect with your child and parent with confidence. 

Notice, Wonder, Respond 

In this video, we see how Elmo’s parents handle their own feelings of frustration and find balance between responsibility and play.

  • Before watching: Think about your daily routine lately. Has it been ‘smooth sailing’ or have there been difficult moments?
  • While you watch: Notice how Louie and Mae acknowledge their own big feelings and how they work together to solve a problem.
  • After watching: Write down three things that might help you feel calmer in the midst of stressful situations.