Listen & Talk Together

Incorporate simple songs into your everyday activities to help your child learn language.

  1. Watch the video. Later, at bedtime, cuddle up and say, “Now let’s tell a story about your day.”
  2. Talk about each thing that happened during the day in order, starting with waking up (for instance, “Leo was really tired in the morning, but he stretched and put on his red pants. Then he ate a waffle. Then…”). As you tell the story, you might ask, “What was the most fun thing you did on your play date?” or, “What did you wear today?” (Younger kids may not be able to answer, so give them choices: “Which did you like more, playing with clay or eating pizza?”)
  3. At the end of the story, ask kids what their favorite part of the day was, and end with that (for instance, “Leo had a long busy day, and his very favorite part was sliding down the slide with his friend Milo.”).