Learning About Shapes

Go on a triangle hunt with Telly in this coloring page.

  1. Print the coloring page. Explain that Telly needs help finding all of the triangles (his favorite shape!) around him. Ask, “What makes a triangle a triangle?” (Ask guiding questions such as, “How many sides does a triangle have?” “How many corners?”)
  2. Ask kids to find all the triangles and color them in or circle them. Then count them together!
  3. Challenge kids to find other shapes in the picture, like squares or rectangles. Choose a color for these shapes.
  4. Go on a “shape hunt” wherever you are. Look for and count the shapes around you. You can look for a certain shape or any shapes. (Shapes are everywhere—help kids notice! “Look, your pizza slice is a triangle, and the whole pie is round.” Or, “let’s fold these square napkins to see what kinds of shapes they might make.”)