I Can Calendar

Self-confidence is the steppingstone to mastering new things; by believing in themselves, children will find it easier to believe in their ability to succeed.

You can make an I Can calendar, just like Elmo’s.  What new things are you learning this week?

  1. Have a grown-up print out the calendar. Actually, print out a few, so that you can fill them in week after week.
  2. Write your new skills into the squares, day by day. If you’ve mastered something completely, give yourself a star sticker, or color in a star.
  3. If you’re still working on it, keep trying! Draw a smiley face in the square to remind yourself that you’re working on it, and you’ll get there. You just haven’t mastered it
  4. Ask a grown-up to help you hang the calendar on a wall. After you have several calendars hanging up, review them. Can you believe all the amazing things you’ve accomplished?!