Kids often get a lot of their nutrition on the go, so healthy snacks should be quick and easy!

  • Oranges, seedless clementines, and mandarin oranges come in their own leak-proof containers—their skins! They can go right in a bag in the morning and enjoyed at any time of the day.
  • Apples hold up well in backpacks, and they have plenty of fiber and vitamin C.
  • Cheese quesadilla slices make a great to-go snack with protein. Make them for dinner, and then eat the leftovers throughout the week.
  • Baby carrots are simple and often come pre-washed—an extra time-saver.
  • Rice cakes are easy to grab and satisfyingly crunchy. Try adding peanut butter and raisins or lean meat and cheese.
  • Low-fat yogurt is a filling snack that adds protein and calcium. Make sure to pack a spoon!
  • Vegetable sticks cut from carrots, cucumbers, and bell peppers are vibrant and vitamin-packed.
  • Whole-grain crackers are easy to build into a mini-meal by adding cheese, hummus, or peanut butter.