Hugs and physical comfort can help little ones build resilience, feel secure and supported, and give them the confidence to try new things, make mistakes, and learn! Cuddle up and click through the storybook together. You can: 

  • Talk about why the characters are hugging and ask, “Can you think of names for any other kinds of hugs?” (happy hugs, sad hugs, mommy hugs, grandpa hugs, and so on). 
  • Spend time talking about who and what you see on the “keep my monster safe” page, and reassure children that you, too, will be there to keep them safe. 
  • Make up a special hug that just the two of you can share. You might rub your little one’s back and whisper a comforting phrase like, “I love you.” No matter what type of hug you give, it will assure little ones that they’re cared for.