Managing Asthma as a Provider with Amy Brown

An overview of asthma, with strategies you can use in your own work with kids and families.

Managing asthma for one child takes a team, and providers like you play a big part! In this webinar, we’ll discuss the many facets of asthma with pediatric pulmonologist, Amy Brown. We’ll also explore ways you can identify and care for kids with asthma, no matter what role you play in their lives.

Learning Goals:

  1. Learn from a pediatric pulmonologist about asthma, its causes, and symptoms to look out for.
  2. Discover ways to help children and families identify and manage asthma during everyday life, as well as during asthma exacerbations or attacks.
  3. Get materials and resources you can use to explain asthma to children, and help families manage their child’s asthma.

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