Cookie is Sad

Video for children on dealing with big feelings, and what to do when we're feeling sad.

Basma is showing Jad the house she built for her new pet ladybug, Lulu, but when Basma looks away for a moment she turns around to find that Lulu has gone! This makes Basma sad. Then Chicken interrupts with a big feelings alert – it’s their friend Cookie Monster! Cookie wrote a song for Turtle’s birthday, but the paper looked yummy so he ate it before he could sing her the song – this makes him sad because he can’t remember how the song goes. Basma and Jad help Cookie identify his feeling as “sadness” and help him feel better by “drawing it out.” The strategy helps Basma too as she continues searching for Lulu and finds her safe and sound in her new ladybug house!

This video can be viewed online, sent to caregivers via SMS or played live in centers using laptops, tablets, TV screens, or projectors.