Your own body is one of the best tools for exploring science concepts. Try these activities:

Balance this! Challenge kids to see if they can balance different items on one finger (or two or three, depending on age). Try a wooden spoon, a sponge, and a sock. Which is the easiest to balance? Which is the hardest? Why might an item be easy or hard to balance? 

There she blows! What can kids move using air? Challenge kids to move a tissue by blowing on it. How far can they make it go? Now try heavier items, like a pencil, book, or bar of soap.  

Hummmmm What’s happening when you hum? Try humming a simple tune. Lightly put your hand on your throat as you do. What do you feel? Does your throat vibrate? Try humming louder and softer. Do the vibrations change? What happens when you blow air without making sound? Do the vibrations stop?