A Confident Child

Having a strong sense of self-esteem can help children build resilience.

Caregiving, like any transition, can evoke many feelings for your child. Developing an “I can do it” attitude can help your little one face challenges every day. Use these playful ideas to help kids express feelings and inspire confidence during this recent change in your life as a family.

Explore Feelings

Big feelings come and go—and they’re all okay to feel, even at the same time! When kids know how to name what they’re feeling, they gain confidence in talking about their feelings with you.

Build Skills

Learning new skills can help children develop confidence. Help kids master a new physical feat like jumping on one foot, throwing a ball, or riding a bike. Or work on developing academic skills by drawing letters, adding and subtracting, or sounding out a word. Accomplishments—big and small—add to a child’s well of confidence that she can draw upon in times of discouragement. Keep track of all she’s accomplished and display the growing list in a place that she’ll see every day.

High Five

To help your child get excited about being on your caregiving team, use your fingers to count to five. As you count, say something positive about your child, such as, “You are brave” or “You are helpful” or “You are kind to your siblings.” Invite him to do the same for you or another family member. Then, when your hands are open, share a high five to celebrate!