Group photo of people and Muppets of Sesamstraat enjoying the winter holidays


Sesamstraat — the Dutch Sesame Street — began in 1976, reaching millions of children across the Netherlands.

Clap your hands!

Sesamstraat friends Tommie, Pino, Purk, and Ieniemienie sing together in this playful “Clap Your Hands” song.

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Sesamstraat has taught generations of Dutch preschoolers about letters and numbers while helping them form important social and emotional skills.



Tommie sings the classic children’s song ‘Zevensprong’



Bert and Ernie perform their own version of the fairytale Rapunzel.

Alfabet Rap

Alfabet rap

Learn the alphabet with this cool rap!

Pino Juggles the Letter P

Pino juggles the letter P

Pino, the magician, teaches us about the letter P!

Featured Curriculum
Early Childhood Education
Sesamstraat teaches children how to read and write while also addressing issues like socio-emotional development, multiculturalism, and art appreciation.

Show Characters

Meet the Muppets from Sesamstraat and friends



Pino is a large blue bird who represents the psychological age of a four-year-old. He is always cheerful and eager to learn new things.



Purk is a messy piglet who loves to get dirty. She only knows a few words but is taken care of by everybody on Sesamstraat.



Tommie is a clever, energetic, and creative six-year-old who likes to invent things. He can also be a little naughty and likes to do things his own way.

Ienie Mienie


lenieMienie is a very clever and smart mouse and sometimes she can be a little bossy.

Elmo Quiz
Featured Resource
Elmo’s Quiz!

Practice numbers, colors, and more in this fun, interactive game show.

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