Word Play

Storytime is a great way to build vocabulary! As you read these interactive storybooks, point out and talk about what's happening in each scene.

Choose an interactive story. Listen to the story with Story Mode, or focus on vocabulary words with Discover Mode.  

In Story Time mode, you can:  

As each page finishes, point out and talk about the new vocabulary words.  

  • After the story, switch to Discover Words mode to review words.  

In Discover Words mode, create your own story. As you go along, you can: 

  • Ask what happens next, to help kids think ahead and make predictions. 
  • Talk about the color, texture, and shape of pretend play objects. 

After finishing the story, you might: 

  • Act out a scene together using household objects as props. 
  • Download the corresponding coloring pages and parent tips.