Transition Time: Going Place to Place with Children

Help children prepare for transitions from one place to another with this audio moment.

Transitions – changing from one activity or routine to another – are a part of everyday life, but they can be tough! When children are engaged in an activity they enjoy or are focusing on, they may have big feelings when asked to pivot to something new and different. If we can help children expect and prepare for a transition, they’ll feel more confident, supported, and ready to take on new things. 

Before transitioning to a new place (like going to the park or grocery store or picking up a sibling from school), play children this audio moment where Grover explains how he gets his body ready to go someplace new. First, he practices hopping in place like a bunny, then stomping like an elephant, then flapping his arms like a butterfly, then quietly tiptoeing like a tiger. Finally, he gets his monster feet on and is ready to walk to his next place! 

Move along to the cues with children as a supporting visual for the exercise. As they become more familiar with the instructions, children may need less support.