Safety Counts!

As children explore, it's key for them to be in safe spaces.

As little ones explore the world around them, it’s important to make sure their surroundings are safe and secure. Use these tips to keep kids safe indoors and outdoors, every day!

You already know that your little one is moving more (and faster!) each day. As he begins to explore the world around him, there are many ways to keep him safe.


  • Place furniture, televisions, and wall hangings against steady, hard surfaces, so that they don’t fall over.
  • Keep battery-operated electronics out of your child’s reach. Batteries can be toxic and harmful if swallowed.
  • Make sure that toys don’t have small parts that can cause choking.
  • Be sure that all toys, makeup, and paint used in your home are lead-free. Lead is a metal that can cause poisoning if it gets into the body, and damage the brain, bones, and muscles.
  • Install window bars or window guards on upper-level windows.
  • If your child is under five, avoid foods that are small, round, or hard, and may cause choking, such as nuts, grapes, and popcorn.
  • Keep vitamins, medicines, detergents, and cleaning supplies high up out of your child’s reach, and behind a childproof lock.
  • Post the Poison Control number in a place where you can easily see it.


  • Buckle your child into his car seat each time you travel by car. Check its label to make sure it’s right for your child’s age, weight, and height. You can visit your local police or fire station to learn how to install it.
  • Your little one may want to show his independence by walking alone rather than holding your hand as you cross the street. To help him feel a sense of control while keeping him safe, try giving him a choice: “Do you want to hold my hand or be carried?”
  • Even a few inches of water can be dangerous. Make sure you’re watching kids closely near bathtubs, pools, fountains, or containers of water.
  • Little ones love being outdoors and moving around! They may not know when to take a break, so be mindful of how long they’re in the sun. Reapply sunscreen often and make sure they drink lots of water!
  • Especially before meals, help your child wash his hands with soap and water to remove germs.