Parent Workshop: Helping Kids Love Reading

Help parents encourage children of every age to love reading and writing.

  1. Explain that you’ll show a video about the importance of reading and writing with children: “This song is filled with great ideas for turning everyday moments into reading moments.”
  2. Show the video, then ask, “What were some ways the librarian suggested that parents help kids become readers?” Record ideas on chart paper at the front of the room (replay and pause the video if necessary). The messages in the song are:
  • Read and tell stories.
  • Point out and read labels on boxes, jars, and so on.
  • Help kids make a storybook and write down what they say.
  • Make a list together when you shop.
  • When you’re driving, read signs.
  • Look at recipes together.
  • Read bedtime stories.
  • Leave picture books where kids can read them.
  • Work together with your child’s teacher.
  • Listen to your child and speak lovingly to him.
  1.  Invite participants to pair up and discuss:
  • Do you do any of these activities with your child? If so, how and when? Does your child enjoy them?
  • What are some of the challenges to doing the things mentioned? What are some ways around these obstacles?
  • How can you use these ideas for younger or older children? What might you do with an infant? A 2-year-old? A 5-year-old?
  • What are some of your favorite ways to read with your child?

Ask parents to share ideas, observations, or questions that came out of their discussions.