Milestones: 3 months

Celebrate children’s growth by remembering important milestones.

Meet little Rudy at three months old! Together with children, watch this video in which Rudy’s dad, Freddy, remembers the day Rudy discovered his hands. Ask: 

  • Why do you think Rudy’s daddy, Freddy, keeps a memory box? 
  • Why do you think Freddy was so happy when he found Rudy’s rattle and remembered how Rudy found his hands?  
  • How do you think Freddy felt that day? (proud, happy, excited) Why do you think so? (Rudy was growing up and learning new things.) 
  • Why do you think babies use rattles? (rattles help babies develop the small muscles in their hands as they grasp on, rattles encourage babies to move their arms around and grow stronger, they help develop curiosity)  

And…take time to savor the memories of babyhood!