Knowing First & Last Names

Help kids remember their caregivers' first and last names.

  1. Watch the video together, and help kids practice the whole names of all the grown-ups who take care of them. You can make it playful by saying, “Is your mommy’s whole name Elmo? No! What’s your mommy’s whole name?”
  2. Together, write down your whole names (and those of any other important grown-ups who care for your child). Post your list somewhere kids can see and quiz each other each day.
  3. Print this page and help kids fill in the blanks as you chant the words to Rosita’s song together. Start with kids’ whole names, then move on to any important people who take care of them: grown-ups such as parents, grandparents, child care providers, trusted neighbors, and so on.
  4. Post the page so kids can see it. Every so often, help them practice by asking them for their own and someone else’s full name.