One way to care for yourself is to be flexible with routines and expectations. Sometimes, just choosing to do routine activities in easier ways can have a big impact. 

Watch this video to learn how to keep it simple. 

After watching: 

Routines are important, but sometimes it’s okay to drop the routine and go with something easier. In the video, Elmo’s mom, Mae, realizes they’ll have more time for family fun if she chooses to order a pizza rather than cooking dinner. Every night can’t be a pizza night, but sometimes foregoing your routine to enjoy a special, spontaneous moment with your family is a great form of self-care. 

Other ways to ‘keep it simple’ might include: 

  • Watching a movie or show together, even if it’s a school night. 
  • Skipping regular chores for one day so you can play a game, listen to music, or take a walk as a family. 
  • Doing a more relaxed version of a routine (having a picnic dinner, or listening to an audiobook instead of reading at story-time).

Routines can often change because of forces outside of our control, so it’s okay to change them ourselves from time to time, if it makes life a little easier.