Art for Others

An article about how sharing art can bring joy to others.

Each child is unique—he does things in his own way, sees things from a different perspective, and leaves his own amazing mark on the world. Sharing their art gives children a way to offer their own special touch and bring joy to others. You can help your child recognize that his creativity can be an instrument of kindness and connection.  

Invite your child to think about how experiencing or seeing art makes him feel. Does he feel happy, excited, understood? Let him know that the art he creates can help others feel those feelings, too! 


Try these playful ideas to help children make art for others to enjoy: 

  • Yard art. As people walk by your home, give them something beautiful to look at. You might create a wreath for your door, a kind message with sidewalk chalk, or a handmade sign to let people know they’re loved. 
  • Happy mail. Help your child draw a picture and write a letter to someone they care about. Decorate the envelope with doodles, stamps, or stickers. You might even include a colorful confetti surprise! 
  • Poetry pals. Create an acrostic—use letters to spell out the name of your child’s friend, and then brainstorm words to describe positive qualities of that friend. 

For example: 




Then, invite your child to draw pictures that represent their friendship.