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Bea’s Block

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Bea’s Block is a brand-new, animated comedy series, centering on the compassionate and curious 5-year-old Bea and her two best friends Ty and Lexi as the trio models kindness through friendship and empathy as they embark on playful adventures in their diverse community, Blocktown.

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Bea’s Block celebrates kindness through friendship by showing how to be empathetic, compassionate, and respectful to others while taking us all on a Kindness Adventure. They are often bopping, stacking, zipping, and tumbling. Through joining Bea on Kindness Adventures, children are encouraged to identify and label emotions of their own and to recognize the feelings of others.

Join the Kindness Adventure!

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Show Characters

Meet Bea and her friends!


Is a curious and compassionate, bilingual Mexican-American, five-year-old girl who is figuring out what it takes to be a good friend. She is very empathic and recognizes how others are feeling.


Ty is an adventurous and wildly imaginative Black American boy. Ty likes to try anything new – bring on new ideas, new experiences and he especially likes inventing new gadgets.


Lexi is an animal-loving, outdoorsy and analytical Swedish Italian American girl. One of her two dads (Matt) is a veterinarian, so it’s also no surprise that Lexi ADORES animals.

Featured Curriculum Overview
Promoting Kindness
Kindness is taught by modeling and labeling behaviors as kind. The show models friends being kind to each other through everyday moments, observations, and interactions.
Friendship is a valuable tool through which to promote kindness. Friendship skills, such as taking turns, trading, sharing, and playing fairly are an important part of being kind. The characters in this series come from different cultural backgrounds and have their unique interests and personality traits.
Labeling & Identifying Emotions
The experiences that spark Kindness Adventures encourage young viewers to identify and label emotions. The emotions highlighted in the series include anger, disappointment, excitement, fear, frustration, jealousy, nervousness, sadness, and worry.