More to Explore in March 

Sesame Workshop’s Books, Music, and Movies of the Month

In March, Sesame Workshop celebrates Women’s History Month and Big Bird’s birthday. Commemorate both with a selection of books, movies, and music.

From empowering narratives to beloved character tales, discover the joy of learning through these selections.

March Fun and Activities 

Girl Power book

Girl Power

Join Abby, Rosita, Zoe, and their Sesame Street friends as they discover all the remarkable things they are and can do every day. This empowering book features bright art, positive affirmations, and sweet rhymes full of encouragement while touching on themes of kindness, courage, perseverance, and more. A celebration of their extraordinary potential, this heartwarming story reminds young girls that they are treasured, always enough, and can change the world…just by being themselves!

Indestructibles Book with Abby Cadabby

Indestructibles: Starring Abby Cadabby!

It’s showtime, and Abby Cadabby is the star! Watch her fly, listen to her rhyme, and cheer as the takes a bow. Brava! Young children and their parents are sure to appreciate this washable, rip-proof, chew-proof book build for the way babies “read” — with their hands and mouths!

Let's Celebrate Diversity Book

Let’s Celebrate Diversity!

Welcome to Sesame Street, a place where people, monsters, grouches, and even fairies live happily side by side! Tamir appreciates everyone in his neighborhood — no matter where they live, what they eat, or what kind of family they have. Join Tamir, Elmo, Big Bird, and all their friends as they show children the beauty, fun, and importance of diversity in this delightful book that features giant flaps to lift on every page.

We're Different We're the Same book

We’re Different, We’re the Same

Who better than Elmo and his Sesame Street friends to teach us that, though we may all look different on the outside, deep down we are all very much alike? Elmo and his Sesame Street friends help teach toddlers and the adults in their lives that everyone is the same on the inside, and it’s our differences that make this wonderful world, which is home to us all, an interesting — and special — place. This enduring, colorful, and charmingly illustrated book offers an easy, enjoyable way to learn about differences and what truly matters.

P is for Princess DVD

Sesame Street: Abby & Friends – P Is for Princess

Once upon a time on Sesame Street, there lived a fairy-in-training named Abby Cadabby, and she loved going on all kinds of adventures. She loved playing princess with friends like Rosita, but what happens when a misguided prince (played by actor Paul Rudd) tries to rescue them? Pretending and the Letter “P” are the focus of two more stories in this enchanting title that also features fun with Natalie Portman and Elmo in “The Princess and The Elephant.”

Big Bird Sesame Street Friends Book

Big Bird (Sesame Street Friends)

Say hello and learn all about Big Bird, the iconic Sesame Street character, in a new Sesame Street Friends board book illustrated with bold, bright photographs. As babies and toddlers pore over the many sturdy pages, they will be delighted to see Big Bird have fun with friends, cuddle his teddy bear, chat with Snuffleupagus, and much more. It’s a book they’ll go back to again and again.

Big Bird's bad day book

Big Bird’s Big Bad Day

In this little book about big feelings, learn how Big Bird and his Sesame Street friends turn frowns upside down!

It’s not a great day for Big Bird, and everything is going wrong. He can’t play outside, he’s spilled his juice, Granny Bird can’t visit anymore, and he lost his teddy bear. But should he do about it? He doesn’t understand the way he’s feeling. Is he blue? Disappointed? Sad?

With help from his friends, Big Bird realizes that maybe his big bad day isn’t so bad after all.

Bouncing Back with Big Bird

Bouncing Back with Big Bird: A Book About Resilience

Big Bird and friends support young readers as they learn how to work through setbacks. Children will learn positive self-talk, how to ask for help, and more strategies so they can tackle any challenge.